Breath Mastery
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Do you want to:

  1. Be free from self-limiting thoughts and feelings?

  2. Increase your health and happiness?

  3. Enjoy loving relationships?

  4. Be free and full of joy?

  5. Anchor your soul in your body?

  6. Live from your soul level?

  7. Awaken who you really are?

Then breathe fully!                   Start Now!

Breathe Fully to Live Fully!

Breath is the activity of Spirit in the body. When you breath fully you live fully. And Transformational Breathing™ opens your breath.

As you open up and release your restrictive breathing patterns, you also release your limitations. The resolution of restricted breathing allows you to feel your connection to Infinite Intelligence and awaken your soul in your body – anchoring heaven on earth.


Hello and Welcome to Spirit in Motion

“As we breathe, so we live.”

Dolphins are masters of breath.

They are Joyful, Loving, Intuitive,

Graceful, Powerful, Connected ...

Dolphins are Spirit in Motion.

We feel it and smile.

They make it look simple.

It is ...

When you ride the waves of breath!

You can do it!

Robert Winn