Why: Breath is life. Yet most of us barely breathe. As a result, we barely live. Somehow we got off track. To live fully, we must remember how to breathe fully.

What: We want to open our constricted breath. Deep diaphragmatic breathing is natural. Just watch babies or puppies with their little bellies rising and falling.

How: Inhale starts low in the belly, then up through the lower ribs, then chest. Completely relax the exhale. Natural breathing is full body breathing.


1: Getting Back to Natural Breathing

Breath is the flow of Spirit in the body.

Full, relaxed, connected breathing is key to mastering alchemy and life.

I invite you to try these 3 simple breath exercises. They are powerful, practical tools to help you begin to open your breath and increase your flow of “prana”, the universal life force.

Breathwork is the natural and gentle process of learning how to breathe from the breath itself. It is connecting the inhale and the exhale in a relaxed intuitive rhythm until the inner breath merges with the outer breath – with the air.

When cosmic energy and infinite intelligence flow freely and fully through you,  your life is full: joyful, masterful, wonderful ...

Lesson 1: Natural Breathing

Lesson 2: Circular Breathing

Lesson 3: Pranic Tube Breathing

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